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Flow Rate 30 Lt/ dk - min
Pressure 40 bar / bars
Power 4,1 cv/cv
Rpm 540
Weight 16 kg / kgs
Pressure Level Medium Pressure
Manifold Internal Manifolds
Corrosion Corrosion - Resistant
Anodised Anodised
HNBR H Standard
VITON V Optional

Product Information

  • All spare parts of hugepump transfer pumps are manufactured domestically and they exist stock.
  • The reasonable prices of the spare parts eliminates the cost problems of the spare parts.
  • By the advantage above, the user has the chance to make stock of the spare parts which are replaced often, so the production will be continuous.
  • While choosing a diaphragm pump, the liquid is the decisive factor.
  • The casing and the diaphragms are selected according to the liquid that will be transferred. This makes the life of the pump and the spare parts longer.
  • In case of the failure occur in air valve or pilot valve of the pump, the parts may be changed without demounting the pump.
  • The replacement of the other spare parts (diaphragm, ball, seat, etc.) are also very easy.
Flow Rate Pressure Power Rpm Weight
30 Lt/ dk - min 40 bar / bars 4,1 cv/cv 540 16 kg / kgs
7,9 g.p.m 580 p.s.i 3,0 kw